Cricket Tournament and Family Fun day

SriMithuru commences Sinhala/ Tamil New Year Celebration every year with the SriMithuru Cricket Tournament on Labour Day public holiday, at Mulgrave Reserve Grounds, Wheelers Hill. SriMithuru only accepts 12 teams for the tournament. After preliminary round matches, the four top teams of each group go to play in the semi-final. Winners of semi-final matches will play for the championship. Two pitches are used to play 15 matches of 8 overs per innings matches.

All the matches are played with a high spirit and a very competitive atmosphere. Many families come to support their team as we always promote a Family Friendly environment in all our events. Trophies are awarded to Champions, Runners-up, Best player of the tournament, Best bowler and Best batsman in addition to medals for both champion and runners-up team members.

This is the 6th successive year the tournament was held and it is becoming a popular event every year. SriMithuru is so fortunate with our volunteers in helping in so many different areas to make the tournament success. Special mention should go to umpires and scorers who were very committed to the duties throughout the day.

SriMithuru organises a Family Fun day with Netball and Elle every year. Families enjoy the day at the BBQ followed by Girls Netball game with a great participation of many younger members of the group. Games are played with great competitiveness and spirit.  The Boy’s exhibition match is also played in between girl’s matches.  The highlight of the day is “Elle” game which brings everyone to the field. Kids and parents all enjoy the game with great enthusiasm. It is a great sight to be witnessed. It is great to see more families come support their teams which create a great family environment.